Yeshua said  "Take care of my sheep. Feed My Sheep." - John 21:16-17

What we do

Give Bibles...Share the Good News of Yeshua -  Plant Trees - Share Bread

Why we do it

Yeshsua, Jesus Christ, suffered and died. WHY?

Because He loves us. Everyone of us! He heals the broken hearted. He sets the captives free. He is our Refuge. He is our Hope.

As His believers we are joined together with Him as One. He cleanses us and purifies us to be His Ambassadors. Together with Him, we will love the widows, the orphans and the fatherless, We will share the Hope of the Truth of Yeshua with anyone who wants to hear.

Sharing the compassion of Yeshua wherever we go

A Father of orphans, defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.

-Psalm 68:6